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Casa By Owner

Sandra Luna & Associates. 1612 N Lee Trevino, El Paso TX 79936

Casa By Owner is El Paso premier For Sale By Owner operation and discount Real Estate Company. One of the top real estate teams in El Paso, TX, as well as a pro tech company that empowers El Paso sellers and buyers to take advantage of available real estate technology. We’re pushing to change how El Paso Real Estate Agents transact with buyers and sellers, thus giving them the power to search homes for sale in El Paso and sell their homes on their terms.

Casa By owner brings a legacy of success to a historic setting. Since 2002, we have specialized in El Paso Real Estate market exclusively, and have been committed to fostering the superb quality of life found in our community. 

We're different from any El Paso, TX real estate company, we spend most of our time and resources on El Paso homes and the surrounding El Paso community. We know how to sell El Paso Homes because our team of experienced professionals Real Estate agents are experts in understanding all aspects of the unique El Paso area, including property ownership, memberships fees and local El Paso lenders pre-qualification , new homes and builders, El Paso property Tax and schools. In fact, our staff and agents are all long-term, year-round El Paso residents - a combined total of over 80+ years!

Our team brings El Paso buyers and sellers together to process agreements that offer value to each of them. That's why El Paso buyers and sellers continue to choose Casa By Owner time after time, as well as refer their friends and family to us. Because we only sell El Paso area properties, we know the inventory (homes for sale in El Paso, TX) and have an inside  on properties value and homes for sale releases.

Our clients put a great deal of trust in us, and they are rewarded with outstanding personalized service backed by impeccable integrity. The strength of the relationships we build within El Paso is in the very fabric of our long-term success. We're grateful for the feedback and our client's testimonials. That's what makes Casa By Owner Real Estate one of the leading real estate company in El Paso area. The most proven, effective techniques and approaches to selling your property require one crucial ingredient – a Casa By Owner specialist. 

"List it for FREE if ANY El Paso agent can match our services for the price!" 

We Love Our Work and El Paso Community

At Casa By Owner, we believe it is our duties to make our Sun City in which we live and work a better place. The causes we support are diverse - as diverse as this wonderful place we call El Paso.




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