The more you prepare your home in El Paso before the photographer arrives, the better the pictures are going to look. Remember, the photographer is hired to take the photos and make the home look good through the lens, it’s not their job to clean up the mess… and they can only do so much with a house that is in poor condition. It’s not possible to make a messy room look uncluttered in the picture.

The first view that a person will get from the room is when they are standing in the doorway, so keep that perspective in mind when you are arranging the furniture. You want to create a lasting impression from the moment that they walk in the room, and they will likely spend more time viewing the room from the side where the door is located.

From a photo standpoint, the El Paso real estate photographer will take photos from the doorway area, and they will also make use of the windows and natural light in the room. So you want to consider the way the furniture is placed as it corresponds with the windows and doorways. It is good to capture the clean windows in the photos because people like to see the natural light that comes in the room.

It is always best to clear the clutter out of every room because a clean space is more appealing. Get rid of anything that is cluttering the room, and when you think you are done… continue working to get rid of a few more items in the room.

A quick wipe down to “clean” the house isn’t enough to get rid of the grime, and it is important that all areas are deep-cleaned in order to remove hard water buildup, dirt, or anything else that might be visible. Make sure that the windows are spotless, they should be washed to get rid of fingerprints or marks.

Curb appeal matters, because buyers want their new home to look good on both the outside and inside. The exterior of the home is one of the first things that a person will look at when they are viewing the listing, so it is important that you clean up around the house to make it look good.

The front yard is the most important, but don’t neglect the backyard. It won’t look natural to have front yard photos of a beautifully manicured lawn and flower beds, with a backyard that is in disarray.

 If your El Paso real estate photographer arrives, and they see that the home has not been prepared for the photo shoot, then you might be charged a cancellation fee and be forced to reschedule. Or, the photographer might move forward with the photo shoot, but the results will be unprofessional and they will not look good on your El Paso real estate listing. It is very important that you spend the time that is needed to make sure that your home is prepared so that the photographer has something to work with.