Safe 4th of July.

Celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks can be a way to have fun. It's crucial to prioritize safety to prevent any accidents or harm. Here are some important tips;
1. Check Your Local Laws and Rules;
Ensure that using fireworks is allowed in your area.
Adhere to any regulations and restrictions set by authorities.
2. Select a Safe Spot;
Use fireworks, in a space away from structures, vehicles, and dry vegetation.
Maintain a safe distance from onlookers and buildings.
3. Be Prepared for Emergencies;
Have a bucket of water, a hose, or fire extinguisher
Know the location of the hospital or emergency services.
4. Read and Follow Instructions;
Thoroughly read the instructions on each firework before igniting it.
Follow all safety recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
5. Supervise Kids;
Don't allow young children to handle fireworks.
Ensure supervision, for children.
6. Use Legal, Store Bought Fireworks;
Avoid using illegal fireworks.
Purchase your fireworks from established sellers.
7. Wear Protective Gear;
Wear safety glasses to shield your eyes.
Avoid wearing clothing that could catch fire.
8. Light Fireworks Safely;
Ignite one firework at a time. Move away quickly afterward.
Never attempt to relight a firework that doesn't ignite properly.
9. Remember to wait for 20 minutes before soaking it in water.
Proper disposal of fireworks involves soaking them in water before putting them in a metal trash can.
10. Make sure to clean up all debris to reduce the risk of fires and injuries.
11. It's important not to handle fireworks if you've been drinking alcohol.
By following these safety measures you can have a safe 4th of July celebration with fireworks. Happy 4th of July from